FeelGood Music, Vol 1
December 18, 2022

Here at FeelGood Design, we're more than just web and mobile app design and development. We tend to dabble into other creative entities outside of design tools. A passion of mine that I'm into is also music. I studied music in college, attend a lot of live events on the regular, and have met some of the coolest music producers and DJs who have played in some of the biggest music festivals in the world. I have a history of providing music to a live audience since 2004, stemming from high school when I used to play music in the quad during lunchtime.

Throughout college and post college, there's nothing more satisfying than to be able to play some of my favorite tunes (at the time) that inspires me in my day-to-day. My designs are highly influenced by some of the music that I listen to, whether that be classic or ratchet hip-hop. I love all types of music, and it has really shaped me into who I am today.

I'm excited to share that FeelGood Design is not only a design agency, we provide music as well. Below isa little mix that I put together during my lowest moment in life last year in 2021. In order to get to this point, I took a private lesson from Academy of DJs in Anaheim, CA, and my instructor taught me the proper ways of playing music using an actual turntable set.

Back before Spotify and even MP3 players, one of my favorite things to do was to make mixed CDs for my friends to listen to. It was special to me because they were songs that I loved to listen to at the time, hard-to-find remixes, mashups, and unreleased and past bangers. When it came down to playing live at friend gatherings, I would cross fade using YouTube, iTunes, and SoundCloud — thinking that was unique and different. About a year ago, I was given a Pioneer set to get with the program and learn how to do things properly.For you is a mix that’s filled with songs I’ve curated, encapsulating the successes and challenges of this year. It’s special to me because it represents 6 months of learning where I began to really feel comfortable with mixing and felt really good about putting something out for everyone to listen and enjoy.Vol1 contains artists and songs ranging from rap, hip hop, RnB, stitched with house and trap.For my birthday, if you have some time or perhaps have a long commute, give it a listen, like, and share with your friends. And thank you to those who gave me a birthday shoutout. I honestly appreciate it.